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About SRN Bearings Private Ltd.

SRN Bearings Private Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-grade bearing parts (green rings) as well as a wide range of ball and roller bearing products. Through technology sharing and production linkages with the world's leading bearing manufacturers, as well as progressive cooperation with partners in the domestic arena, SRN has consistently elevated its manufacturing capability and is now recognized as one of the leading producers of high-grade finished bearing components.

Under SRN Bearings Private Ltd., SRN has made headway into the domestic bearing market by supplying OEMs with cost-effective products together with value-added services encompassing the widest range of bearings available in any manufacturing company of its class. Its roster of OEM customers includes global brand names and market leaders in their respective industries. Complementing this, SRN has extensively developed its distribution exclusively in the sugar, cement, and paper industries in India

SRN, as a multinational conglomerate, has established itself as a strong link in the supply chain for high-grade, competitively priced bearing products worldwide. It has collaboration with SRN-GRW Germany GMbH and SRN-Stiyer Austria Group, as well as a team of traveling technical representatives, ensuring that customers are provided with the most exceptional before- and after-sales customer and technical support

With a strong local base of operations, SRN is now looking towards expanding its distribution network and increasing its brand value through a global strategy of progressively developing new bearing series, manufacturing more value-added products, providing personalized services, and opening new international markets and industries

For the past 30 years, we have had vast experience in the bearing industry, and we have been catering to the requirements of all types of bearings from many esteemed and reputed customers like you in India. Our motto is to deliver high-quality precision bearings in the P5 class at reasonable prices with full after-sales support.

Our main objective is to make our brand a global leader by analyzing world-wide market development and new product demand and making strategic investments in the future.


SRN is a Private Limited Company, capitalizing on our core business strength as the provider of premium quality bearing products. Our vision is to advance our expertise and resources to offer full system solutions and technical services that exceed the expectations of our customers.


SRN is committed to producing premium quality bearings for our end users. We strive for excellence and demonstrate a desire and commitment to improving to produce superior quality bearings.


SRN's success is in part due to our overseas suppliers providing premium products and services that meet our expectations and those of our customers. We firmly believe that our overseas suppliers are partners in our journey to accomplish both our Vision Statement and our Quality Policy.

It is the vision of SRN to do business with suppliers who are committed to the same level of Quality and Customer Satisfaction as we are. Our goals are simple:

  • A quest for perfection to improve premium quality in the development of the manufacturing process.
  • Deliverables contain no defects or faults
  • Optimum total cost
  • Timely delivery.
  • Overall End-user Appreciation and Approval.

We are achieving these goals with the support of our overseas suppliers, who show their commitment through their actions and performance.

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